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The company Adeenas OÜ has been established in the year 2000.

Using this website, is Adeenas OÜ introducing its offered with Estonia related
accounting services,
tax consulting services,
establishing of firms services
and other such kind of business services.

Our principles:

Good quality
* We track, that the service must correspond as good as possible to the clients requests and needs.
* By rendering a service we start from the circumstance, that the service is according with legal requirements.

Favourable price
* It is possible thanks to our effective arrangement of services.
* We are flexible - if the price seems still too high to the customer, then we are ready to find possibilities by the help of negotiations (discussions) to correct the price and the scope of the service.

* We render our services according to the clients requests and needs.
* Client-friendly servicing.
* We are well informed with national law, that is associated with our services. We render our services according to the legal conditions, that are valid at the moment of rendering these services.

Our services:

Establishing of a firm or other organisation
* Mediating establish activities (business name control, arranging the visiting of notary, putting documents in formal order, arranging organisations registration etc.).

Accounting (bookkeeping)
* Continuous monthly accounting (general ledger, purchases ledger, sales ledger, wages, inventory, fixed assets, reports etc.).
* Annual report (financial statement), bylaws etc.

Other services
* Arranging changes in organisation registration data.
* Composing of contracts.
* Composing of reports for Tax office and Statistical office.
* Tax consulting.
* Other services, that need putting documents in order and arranging activities by communicating with state institutions.
* Other services, that need business or financial knowledge and experiences.

We will with pleasure give you other information about our company, that you may require.

Adeenas OÜ, Reg. No. 10706907
Puhkekodu tee 65-12, 12015 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel.: +372 52 87 284, E-mail: teated[@]